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i have just got planning permission to add a loft conversion to my flat on the ladder and would be interested to hear if anyone has recommendations for good builders. And/or advice on any builders to avoid.

Thanks very much. 

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http://www.rodaprojects.com/about_us  Roda Projects are great - they don’t do the plans but do everything else.


Thanks Julie. I'll check them out.


I went with Dan James and had a large bedroom with small ensuite with shower. They were good (although I didn't particularly rate their architect and they deviated from the plans a couple of times which I didn't have an issue with but some people would) and I'd use them again.

All-in, including extras like like party wall awards, building control, tiling, bathroom suite, etc it came to about £50k. This was a couple of years ago.

Hi Andrew

That's very helpful information, thank you. I've just emailed Dan James and hope to hear back from him after Xmas. 

Hi Janet,

Picking up on this, just wondered if you find a company for this? We are also in the process of looking for a company to convert our loft (when things calm down!). Any feedback on the experience would be appreciated!

Hi Janet - bit delayed given your post was in December but we went with Dan James for a loft conversion and found them to be pretty good. I would offer you to have a look at their work but obviously not at the minute!

Hi Charles,
Thanks for your feedback on this. How long did it take from the moment you got in touch with them and got the job finished? Also, did you stay in the property while they were doing the work?

We are using the time we've got at the moment to look into it and just trying to understand the whole process.


I went with Dan James as well and would pretty much echo the below.

Lived in the property throughout and it wasn't too bad. The worst thing was the dust which got everywhere even though they tended to do a reasonable job of cleaning each day. Quite a lot of the work is just restricted to the loft, they get pretty far along before the staircase is put in.

In terms of timescale the actual building was about 4 weeks for the big stuff and then a tail of 4-6 weeks for things like final fit plumbing, bathroom, windows, plastering, etc (that dragged a little as I think it was more contractors than their own staff so they weren't always available).

Prior to that I had to get planning permission (you may not) which took about 8 weeks and the architect (who I didn't rate) took a couple of weeks to draw up plans and submit them. At the same time I had to get party wall agreements which took probably about 6 weeks.

For the bathroom you have to buy the tiles and suite separately. They don't do the tiling (I used their recommended tiler who did a good job) but do fit the bathroom.

They also sort out the relevant certificates (building control and electrical) although you do have to pay for building control.

Hi Peter, we received a quote mid July 2018, signed after reviewing 4 quotes mid August 2018 but we didn't start the work until January 2019. mainly because we had a slot where we were away for two weeks and wanted to time the 'messy' work for then but also to give enough time for plans to be accepted and party wall agreements to be signed off.

It terms of being in the house, my wife and 8 month old moved out for the first week but I stayed in, then we were away for weeks 2/3, weeks 4/5/6 I was in the house (wife and child went away as were still in maternity leave) - a bit of dust but nothing too bad and they cleaned up everyday. A bit of finishing off was required but pretty much the majority of the big work was completed in the first 4-6 weeks. We added on a couple of extras as we went along which probably delayed them a bit too and they had some unavoidable days off (the boss was getting married/stag do) but they mentioned all those up front.

Happy to give more info, pictures etc if you want to email me at charleshbaxter@googlemail,com



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