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Looking for a sewing machine to borrow or take off anybody's hands if not in use....

Hi there,

I am looking to borrow or even better to take away anybody's unwanted sewing machine which has been gathering dust, hasn't been used for a while or is taking up essential storage space.

Ideally a table friendly sewing machine and not an industrial type.

If you've got a sewing machine where you've accepted it is in fact no use to you, then please get in contact. I'd love to give it a new home.



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I don't have one, but try Freecycle.

Thanks Stephen. I've posted on here as well. Hopefully something will turn up.

Hi Taslima

You could join your local branch of ilovefreegle.org which is free to register and use. Freegle is a not for profit recycling/reuse organisation with only one goal 'To Stop Good Stuff Going to Landfill' and in doing that support our communities. Members can post offering or requesting just about anything so long as it's free and legal, so you could definitely ask for a sowing machine. Members can also offer broken white goods or electrical goods which someone may be able to fix or use for spares and repair, so if your washing machine or fridge breaks down or your DVD player stops working offer them up on freegle and you can arrange a mutually convenient day/time for them to pick up your items, you can then post a wanted ad or respond to an offer of another and when it breaks down put it back up and get another. You never have to buy white goods again if you choose! Feel free to ask any questions I'm happy to help?



Enfield/Haringey Freegle part of the ilovefreegle.org recycling/reuse organisation

Thanks Liz. I've just put a few posts on freegle. Hopefully something will turn up but there are a lot of people looking for sewing machines! Will see. Thanks again.

Hi Taslima                                                                                                                                          I've approved your Freegle post and I'm sure you'll find what your looking for, we have almost 7,000 members in Enfield and our group reaches a really large area, you could also try joining other local groups if you can get to those area's such as Hertford and Waltham Forest going north and Hackney, Islington, Camden and others. You can join as many ilovefreegle.org groups as you wish we ask only that if you ever want to offer items you only offer on one group at a time, some groups have slightly different rules so it will pay you to read all of the information sent to you from other groups. Enfield Freegle for instance does not allow members to post offering or requesting to borrow, lend, swap, sell or purchase items or to offer or request live animals.

It would be brilliant if you would 'Like' Freegle on Twitter and Facebook so we can help even more people get what they need or want absolutely free of charge? I hope you enjoy being part of the Freegle community and good luck with your request for a sewing machine.

Kind regards



Hi Taslima

I have a sewing machine for you.


Hi Con,

Thank you very much. Do you know what make is it and is it working okay?

Where do you live? I can come and pick it up at some point this week.

My email address is read.but.not.heard@gmail.com if you can send me details.

Thanks again


Its a Singer. I am sure its working fine but I havnt tested it.

You can ring me on 075 121 37 404

I am on Mattisn Rd

Am looking for a good working sewing machine

Ti Taslima, we have one here which is you are welcome to borrow.

Please feel free to contact me on 07779337693




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