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Sorry, I can't remember the name of this shop on the corner - but it's for sale, along with the flat above it.

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You mean Mr Michli ?  If so, more here.

Oh dear - what a shame. ...
It's been for sale for ages, Andreas needs to retire. The building is designed by the same architect as the Salisbury and the roof is beautiful. It could be gorgeous done with care and love. A fantastic opportunity for the right person. I've always thought about the corner cafe on newington green and thought something like that could work here, especially with all the woodlands parents in the vicinity. Get to it someone !!! (Sadly not me.)

It's a lovely building and I am sure the people who run the shop are lovely, etc. etc.... BUT... it looks really drab from the outside, with several windows covered in dust and weird pottery and all sort of junk... I mean it took us a while to understand what that shop was actually selling! Plus the shop next to it has been empty for ages, no doubt because lots of people would be put off by the neighbouring occupiers. I hope it's bought by someone who understands the value and importance of a building like that and then turned into something nice that this community really needs, not another betting shop or convenience store... 

'I mean it took us a while to understand what that shop was actually selling!

This seems to be an odd thing to say. Did you actually go in to find out, Cecilia?

What you said is possibly odder ;)

Why would you walk into a shop when you had no idea what it was selling?!

I first went in there over twenty years ago precisely to find out what they were selling and came out with some unusual pottery and a bag full of herbs and olives :-)

Not at all sure a cafe would work there. It must be the most dangerous junction in Harringay. And I certainly wouldn't want to see anything from Stoke Newington environs replicated in our locale! (shudders)

Except maybe the deer..

Green Lanes itself is where all the deaths occur.

Yes but that's largely due to jay-walking, is it not?

In any event there is no cafe at that location at present. If there was I would fear the possibility of young children running into the road

Oh my God. Are you blaming the victims? You have a picture of a bird as your avatar, you call yourself the HarringayBirder and you are saying that the people (including toddlers and the elderly) who have died on Green Lanes have only themselves to blame?

If you are going to bandy about the term "jaywalking" I'd like you to tell me that you know where it comes from. Perhaps you could read this: http://www.collectorsweekly.com/articles/murder-machines/?

The building will be bought by someone like Paul Simon developments , flattened before any preservation order can be placed on it and replaced with a seven storey block of flats .
Sorry to be so pessimistic, but expect something like the flats at Tottenham hale or the monster PS D put up in place of the coliseum .



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