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This was the scene at the height of the morning rush hour in Wednesday 22 June as yet another long vehicle attempted to take a short cut from Salisbury Road and up Warham Road to deliver to Jewsons.  For almost an hour locals tried to help the driver extricate himself from the junction and in the process his vehicle managed to damage at least one car.  

Traffic was at a standstill and the queue that formed from the top of Warham to Green Lanes eventually had to reverse out followed by the the long vehicle, which was guided in reverse back to Green Lanes by a police officer.

A one off?  Well, this was what happened at precisely the same spot on 7 June.

To my knowledge it has happened at least two times before.  Warham Road residents have been in contact with ward councillors asking them to seek an urgent meeting with senior highways officers in Haringey to press them to make changes to stop our street being used as a rat run for heavy goods vehicles.

2019 example posted here.

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118 doesn't look much like a clinic.  It looks like a house.

Mmm, but, as I added to my last, the issue probably isn't the sign at Warham, it needs signage well before

True but it gives an easy get out if an HGV driver says the sign prohibiting entry was obscured 

I assume that they get this far having come down St Ann’s from Seven Sisters Road  or the A10. I guess the No access warning/restriction needs to be added thee. 

When I first moved to Warham Road in 1984 it was a brothel



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