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Obviously Westminster: West End theatres, Royal Albert Hall (no, it isn't in K&C), National Gallery. Lambeth has the Southbank centre and Tate Britain, Southwark has the Tate Modern and Shakespeare's Globe. But this poll is about identifying an area that could benefit from help developing further. Obviously everyone will vote for thier home borough. Perhaps it should be done on a "Eurovision" basis: you can't vote for your own.

First - define " culture ".

Personally, I would have thought a borough that is stripping out its libraries and turning them into internet cafes wouldn't really qualify.

I don't think LBH has a culture policy.  They started work on it in 2013,  and Jason Arthur told me that it was nearing completion, but I haven't seen anything.

Good to know there are people more sarcastic than me here--I wanted to say "what culture, gang culture?" but held my tongue (till now).

That said, I think it's kind of unfair to hold up the jewels of the British Empire in Westminster as demonstrative of why Haringey could never have a prayer. I think if someone is an artist or musician today they would prefer being here than in Westminster and actually have a chance to pursue this; whereas in Westminster one has to be an MP or have a family that goes back to the British Empire to be able to live there. 

As pointed out, there is the Chocolate Factory, etc and my wife has studio space there and has a stand at Saatchis the Other Art Fair in early October. We are talking about the now not the Victorians (as dearly as I revere them) and I don't see why Haringey has any less standing to apply for the grant than Hackney or the Tower Hamlets.

The Crouch End Festival is now the UK's biggest community arts festival. No other borough can boast that. We have lots of creative clusters in the borough. The Chocolate Factory is one of the biggest group of artists in London...

Not forgetting AP, soon to have a fully restored theatre.

The Bernie Grant Centre has a great programme.



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