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I live in Hornsey, N8 and am thinking about doing a loft conversion but can't spend more than around £50K all in.

Can anyone recommend a good loft company/building firm that might be able to do it for that amount? 

I've looked through previous threads to find recommendations but the companies mentioned seem to be a bit more expensive than that.

It's end of terrace and would require a hip to gable loft, so slightly more complicated.

Any suggestions much appreciated.

NB I've found a good cheap architect/structural engineer so don't need to budget too much for those elements

Edit 08/07/21 - I'm going to get a quote from Dan James, but would be good to have a few more

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You're correct, prices of timber and other basic for building are at least 150% of what they were before the pandemic, and there are long delays in delivery. While the primary reasons, as you say, are not directly affected by Brexit, imports from or via EU countries are seriously affected and delayed by the UK's failure to agree a workable customs/trade agreement, and by the growing distrust of the UK government around the world, because of its willingness to break agreements and ignore international law.

I'm sorry not to be able to make any recommendations myself, but this thread is very interesting as I'm wondering whether it would be worth doing a small loft extension, modifying the roof to a mansard roof. One suggestion - which has been highlighted by others on this thread - is to have a suitable company do all the structural work, and any plumbing/electrical work, but have them leave it "bare", for you to do all internal fitting and decoration yourself. If you can manage that, it would be a lot cheaper than paying a builder to do it; you would also end up with exactly what you want. On a minor point, skirting boards: nowhere is it written in letters of stone that a British house has to have skirting boards. I've heard all the arguments, but at the end of the day: what are they for? If you want to fit some, as a channel for concealed cables etc, that is very easy.

I'm reasonably ambivalent on the subject but one reason for having skirtings is for them to act as a bumper for hoovers etc to stop damaging the plaster board.

Another is to hide the expansion gap for any wooden flooring being layed.

If any one is in the market for some I found there guys pretty good as they have traditional styles and will pre-prime.


Yes, I've heard the hoover/plaster argument before. I've also heard they act as visual break between the wall (colour) and the floor. The wood floor expansion gap doesn't apply if you have carpets. In either case, why have a builder fit them when you can do it yourself? The more of the interior work on a loft extension you can do, the less you pay the builder.

With my house I think skirting boards were to cover up the unfinished walls at the bottom!  and with carpets you can stick all the dust underneath!

Thanks for the skirting tip Adam

Thanks Christopher, I don't have time to do any decorating myself, but I will definitely explore the option of getting a loft company doing just the shell (if that's the right term), and then getting other people in to do the rest.

Not sure how much cheaper that would be, but it's worth exploring.

Re skirtings - I like them! I think rooms look better with them, especially if they're attractive and in keeping with the period

An end of terrace loft extension near me was showing clear signs that the side wall of the house was drifting outwards under the weight of it.  The owner has now had three tie bars fitted through and end braces on the wall.  That won’t have been in the original budget - make sure your builder or architect has experience of this!

Looks like a good structural engineer assessment was needed from the beginning. 

Another Level lofts did ours back in 206 and it came in under £50k Inc all the decoration. We didn't go high spec with  it so would depend on what you wanted. We were very happy with our loft and Another level were excellent plus cheaper and quicker than most others companies

Thanks Saima, I am going to get a quote from them as well. It's good to have your recommendation



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