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Are there any local rabbit owners in the forum? We have two bunnies and are looking for someone who could look after them for a few days at Christmas time.

The three rabbit boarding places we used previously unfortunately all closed down or are unavailable.

Thank you.

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Hi, we used info@kingfisherpetboarding.co.uk in the summer. They're based in Hertfordshire, so about 45 mins away in the car (if you have one), but are half the price of anyone in London I found! 

Thank you Neil. We don't have a car so hoping to find someone closer, but if not we'll try them. 

We use Freightliners Farm for our boarding - it's £6.50 per night for two rabbits sharing a hutch. We don't have a car either and take our bunnies in a carrier on the tube to Caledonian Road and then walk from there. They always seem perfectly happy there and go two or three times a year at least.  freightlinersfarm.org.uk

Hi Christina, that sounds great, thanks very much! I had no idea there was a farm in Islington, looks like a really lovely place. 

Hi, we went to visit Freightliners Farm but unfortunately it doesn't fit what we need, our bunnies need to be kept indoors and not mixed with other animals.

If anyone else can recommend a boarding place it would be great!




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