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We are looking to line our chimney in order to have a woodburner. Has anyone done this or have any recommendation on a company or service that would do this?

Any tips much appreciated.

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yes, done last winter. thanks, a number would be great.

many thanks for this. didnt realise about room needing ventilation.

Try Nigel Norton - he fitted our wood burner, sorted our chimney and is also gas safe (he had to disconnect an old gas stove for us). He does the lot and is a lovely bloke to boot


Hiya, I've never had to have my chimney relined, but for chimney sweeping we use Kaill and Co - think someone on here might have recommended them years ago, and they're great.

You don't always need to get the chimney flue lined - only if it's in poor condition.  If you've been using it for an open fire then it'll probably be ok for a wood burning stove without lining - but of course get a professional to check it out! They can put a smoke bomb up it to check whether there are any leaks into upstairs rooms,  and also send a camera up to look at the condition of the flue. 

To comply with the clean air act you'll need an 'exempt appliance' - there's a list of these (makes and models) on the Defra website.

Good luck!


I just wanted to add my recommendation for Nigel Norton, he fitted a stove in our back living room fireplace last month and was very easy to work with. He charges £25 for the initial survey but this is deducted from the bill if you go ahead with the work. The installation is in two parts: a couple of hours to take apart our fireplace and investigate what was behind it, in order to confirm the final quote, and then the installation a week or so later (to allow time to order our stove). The day of fitting took about 6 hours, 8am - 2pm, including repointing the brickwork in the fireplace. We didn't need our chimney lined.

Since we got the stove we've used it a lot given how cold it's been and its been great at heating the living room and beyond, and we've had the heating on much less.

Hope this helps anyone else thinking about installing a stove.


the number for Nigel doesn't work. Does anyone have another number?

Thanks :-)

We don't know what to put in and need advice before we choose.

Hi Donna,

Just picking up on old threads regarding wood burning stoves. Would you happen to have Nigel's contact details?

I have a fireplace that has been bricked up so not sure he would dismantle or not. I have details for chimney sweeping and all the regulations, just looking for someone to do survey/advice.

Thanks, Jane

Last I heard (up thread I think) the phone number I have for him no longer works :(

Just rang Nigel, he is alive and well on 07870 971927, he says though that he switches phone off outside normal office hours Monday to Friday so that's maybe why people could not contact.

Good news is he gave me lots of useful advice and is going to come and open up my fireplace to see how much work required to install stove. Really glad I got contact through these posts.



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