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I went for a run this morning, and commented to my running partner that the bridge works were due to begin today (no sign of any activity).

On the way back 45 mins later a gang of workmen were setting up barriers, traffic lights, crossing lights etc.

So, this is it folks, let the games begin. 6 months of Joy!

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Oh, agreed. That display board doesn't show anything for the Salisbury Rd/Green Lanes/Warham Rd junction, which will need a 'no through route' warning. And I hope it's better managed than it was recently, when Amir got a penalty notice despite following the signed diversion - this thread.

However, the initial presentation in December, followed up by Hugh, has a slide peppered with red blobs to show locations of warning signs, including four around that junction. Link here, 3rd attachment, slide 10.

Cheers Goron. I've just sent an email to Mahmood Ramjan at Haringey to ask when the advance notices of works will be installed. I'll post his reply on here.

Thanks - you beat me to it!

Thanks Michael. I have also emailed Cllr Stuart McNamara regarding the signage. Hopefully once drivers realise the works are ongoing and the road will be completely closed from the end of the month they will start to find alterative routes (and hopefully stick to them in the long term).
Michael, was there a date for the advance signage to go in? I'm concerned that a week away there is still nothing on Wightman advising drivers of the closure.

I think they said this was happening this/next week

Morning Karen, I was told it would be starting from 16th. I haven't seen any local to me but they are starting out as far as Archway to warn motorists before they even hit the area.

Yes I've seen signs out as far as the Roundway. Only observation is the letter size used is rather small so when driving even at 20 mph you don't get a lot of time to scan them.

There's a huge illuminated sign at the Wightman /Turnpike Lane junction.

Thanks John. I haven't been that way for a day or two. There are yet any to appear from mid-Wightman going south to Endymion as I cycle most days and have been looking out for them.

And another illuminated sign at Manor House.



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