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Pub in Kilburn demolished the day before Grade 2 listing.
Let's hope this doesn't happen to any of our pubs.


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The Salisbury IPA they have on at the moment is great btw - brewed by 'in house' by Dragonfly I think.

I think it's only a 'frinstance in this discussion, given how prominent it is, and it's listed Grade II*, and it went through hard times a few decades ago.

The Queen's Head by Ducketts Common (not the Queen's Head in Crouch End) was mentioned earlier as a loss, and a previous HoL thread gives its history.

Your right! But! --- im not sure , ---- I think, it's the interior alone that has the grade 2* listing. the building as a whole has no listing at all. -- this is all based on conversations about the listing of the interior 10-15 years ago - down the Salisbury after a lot of beer a few tokes , so you my be completely right. But there are enough anomalies on the interior decor that an argument could be made for for dismantling areas. You only have to look at the tiles (floor and wall) in the entrance to the gents. Anything beyond that is fair game, and if Historic England, or what ever they call themselves now, thought that the mosaic floor (from the green lanes entrance back) were to be completely restored they might be persuaded that the back could go.
Just a bit of speculation, On a Sunday afternoon... With a beer in my hand!

No question that property developers very often destroy wonderful stuff and the Kilburn story is a tragedy. However, I think saying "it's only a matter of time" with the Salisbury is very wide of the mark. As has been pointed out in this discussion:

a) it's very listed (read the link, outside and in - it can't be knocked down)

b) it's owned by a small restaurant pub chain who run places exactly like the Salisbury, not by some guy abroad who might want to cash in

c) it's very successful and busting full every weekend

d) the square around it has been remodelled around it and it's a focus point of the strip

There's just no way that would happen!

I'm a member of CAMRA by the way, and the registering pubs in the area as local community assets is a very good idea. The Salisbury is safe, but for other pubs it's a good move.



Some good news though, this should set an example to all the greedy developers.




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