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Today is the day.

Vote anyone except Labour!

Labour ignored residents' views and decided to spend hundreds of thousands to change the name of the road and erase our local history. That money should be spent on services for vulnerable  people and to improve our borough.

What else will they ignore your views on? 

Today is the last chance to persuade them to change their ways and remind them that we are not their pawns. They are there to represent us!

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You'll no doubt get a clear and unambiguous response to your question Alan. Just not today. They're hedging their bets today.

I'll call myself racist now just to get it over and done with...

Ha. Reminds me of the Father Ted episode.

"I hear you're a racist now, Father." 

I'm really starting to believe we haven't discussed this Black Boy Lane issue enough and should discuss it some more at the cost of EVERYTHING ELSE.

I tried to engage (by email) the two Labour candidates in St Ann’s on their support for BBL renaming, but initially just got a standard reply about its importance as solidarity with BLM and no further response when I then questioned whether the £180,000 might be better spent on day or child care, alleviation of food and fuel poverty or primary education (by the way, the money would pay one primary school teacher’s salary for six years — or six primary teachers for one year). If it was five grand to change a couple of street signs and do a bit of map relabelling it might be understandable, but the sheer expense involved — in the midst of an appalling cost-of-living crisis — seems completely unconscionable; though apparently not to the prospective councillors.

Presumably you mean the two Momentum candidates?  Did you perhaps imagine that as fresh new younger people they might actually consider your views?  Then offer a nuanced opinion?  It is after all, a complex issue across much of the world.
Ah, maybe we'll soon begin seeing the shape of the new Council emerging from the fragrant clouds of Obfuscandian burble.

Yesterday your vote was important to us.
Please hold. Don't scold.
It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing.
You are 23rd in the queue.
Calls are monitored for training draining and drowning purposes.
Press 1 to speak to Alexa; Press 3 for a standard Candidate reply.

Alan: i’m assuming the candidates are Momentum members, but, of course, how would one know? I wrote to them because they e-mailed me after the selection to “thank me for voting for them” — without knowing if I had or not, of course, and only because I’m on the member mailing list — so I replied to ask about BBL as it was one of the identical six points they’d both given as their priorities if elected. I’d hoped they might engage, not because of their youth but because they might have wanted to secure my vote in the election. Answer came there none.

Thanks Don,

Indeed, how do we know?  So much for the Nolan principle of Openness and Transparency.  Vanished before these democrats & socialists even rake their seats.

"Identical six points". I wonder who approved that text?  Was it the two candidates themselves? Or some Politbureau? Is there a Momentum candidates handbook of approved standard answers & phrases?.  Like the "script"  which many politicians appear to deliver when on TV. They seem unashamed to show they'd memorised and repeated the same stuff. Or worse, were nervous of adding any sign of their own words and thoughts.  Perhaps your two  candidates have been assimilated to the Borgmentum?

Long long ago my boss read through a beautifully typed letter. (IBM golfball if anyone remembers.)   Taking out his very expensive fountain pen, he inserted a few long sentences across the margins.
"Would you like me to ask your secretary to retype it?" I asked him.
He replied: "No, Stanton. It's fine.  I want the client to see it's had my personal attention."

4:17 pm Some Haringey ward votes now in.
I was very disappointed to see that Emma Chan (Green Party) came a close 3rd in St Ann's ward to the two "presumed" Borgmentums. Now elected they're gonna have to declare any such membership on the Council website.

I'm also disappointed to see Sarah Elliot - formerly an ejected Leader of Haringey LibDems who flipped across to :Labour -  won a seat (for Labour) in  Alexandra Park ward.
     People may remember her from the sale of Hornsey Town Hall fiasco.  I added speech and thinks "balloons" to a photo at the time. It got highly praised and angrily denounced in about equal measure. Which pleased me enormously.



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