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Large weed like climber plant growing into my garden from Harringay land. What should I do?

Since viewing my garden in the day light I noticed a huge growth of green leaves climbing

over a tree/large bush and other parts of my back fence that were not there just two or three months ago.

The land behind my garden belongs to the council and this is where the massive green weed is

coming from. It's just a vacant piece of land that the council keeps mowed but it's enclosed and not really used.

I have been trying to track down someone in the council to deal with this plant but can not find anyone

that seems to be responsible. The plant is growing like crazy and I'm concerned it might be something

undesirable. Does anyone know who can help me and what I should do about the plant? I am unable to

reach the weed/plant myself. Any advice gratefully received.

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I asked a friend yesterday who always has lots of bindweed in her garden and she said it's too early for that. Could it be Russian vine? That has fairly similar leaves and is incredibly rampant - I'm struck by how tall it is. Unfortunately, the picture is not clear enough to be able to identify it definitively.

Genchi Genbutsu
"The land ... belongs to the council ..."



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