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I've been reading the posts on the so-called 'Green Lanes Corridor' funds with interest.

They seem like an odd old bunch of recommendations to me. Time and time again residents have made it clear that their priority is to curb traffic on residential roads and there's not one suggestion to do that.

In fact it may well be that the opposite is true. One scheme seeks to calm traffic on the Harringay section of Green Lanes by giving buses priority and slowing up cars. Although it's by no means certain, it may well be that this just displaces traffic on to Wightman and the other Ladder roads.

What will they do to ascertain what the effect will be? Perhaps they should offset it by adding some more traffic calming where it's most needed - on the Ladder Roads.

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They won't have to Jack, precisely why Jono has designed it the way he has. If you look at his plan (attached above), no road is blocked. Each is accessible from both ends and connects with at least two other ladder rung roads via Wightman. So all roads would be just as accessible as the Gardens roads and most other roads in the city.

I think Jono's plan looks really feasible - and it could make a huge difference to the area. Maddy is right about Umfreville being a problem there - but could that be solved by simply moving the first (most southerly) road block one rung down (so Umfreville is the other side of the block)? 

Traffic has increased disproportionately on the Ladder rung roads with the closure of the Gardens & Hermitage, Birdy. So, I disagree; there is a very big difference.

The change is directly attributable to changes the Council has made. There are perhaps two choices - to accept the impact on our quality of life or to find a way of restoring it.


If you read Jono's very informed piece, it's quite clear what price we and our families are paying.



Maybe the answer then is to re-open the Gardens and Hermitage ?. Fewer restrictions rather than more ?

I haven't said otherwise, don't know where you concluded that from Hugh? John, you'll never reopen the Gardens now, but I think that would be a step in the right direction as that is what contributed to increased traffic in the first place.


The Gardens has had a direct impact on traffic on GL, the Ladder and Wightman. The question is are we going to be as shortsighted and selfish and push the traffic onto others as has happened to us? There are a few roads on the Ladder who have less traffic, each road has a specific route that drivers chose, you can go through them one by one if you like, but they are all pretty dismal. Whatever we would like, we have to consider our neighbours in all this and the impact we shove on to them. The first and easiest task to implement is to stop using your cars so much, I know so many on here who use them everyday, yet moan about the traffic,  Pot, Kettle, Black?


If you want a meadow view, don't move to Harringay and demand it, we live six miles from the centre from one of the biggest cities in Europe

Turnpike Lane has a lot of residential (maybe not as vocal), just not at ground level and of course like elsewhere wasn't designed to take the amount of traffic it does never mind vastly increased traffic, but I take your point.


We can't merge, but we can close this one and ask that people continue on the original thread.

A group of residents have worked together and produced a petition asking the council to include dealing with Ladder rat-running within the scope of the current TfL funding. From 15th December council have to respond to residents' petitions by law.


Read about the petition here.



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