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No doubt people on here will be happy but I’ve no doubt we will end up with a worse council without the vision or ability to lead significant change. Just as we are now seeing with those brexiteers who wanted Britain out of the EU without a vision for what this may actually look like I expect we will see the same for Haringey as far as development and housing goes.

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Thanks, JJ.
I agree with everything you wrote. Except, and you won't be surprised, to the penultimate paragraph.

It's a shame you haven't joined in Labour meetings as a member - you once explained - of one of our sister socialist parties in France. You might have come to a different view of the so-called "ideologically dogmatic" approach.
But if you didn't reach a different view, at least your voice could have been one more of those warning against making the mistakes you worry about.
Would you have time to speak at one of the Tottenham Party's discussion events? I'm happy to ask the members who organise the programme. There have been a wide range of invited speakers and a Labour Party card is not a requirement. Most people are aware that you can't catch ideology off a seat in a pub.

Who is the public school educated StopHDV person who lives in a million pound house? I can only assume she's exaggerating and it's someone on the ladder in a house that one day might be worth a million if we can sort the traffic out but, who is it? I know a few and they're not particularly political or they're fans of hers.

Also, a bit rich coming from someone in Muswell Hill who lives in a 2 million pound house.

I have told them that a chief reason the previous attempt failed is because it had no properties to let. Lettings agencies aren't just started up, they're the product of a decent sized landlord trying to keep their costs down.

"the council will move to the left" <- well they can hardly move in the other direction really. More media exposure for the shameless Nora Mulready from the BBC. It's like her mum or something.

I'd like to bet on a council tax rise. 10% per year for 4 years. So 2018/19 for a band F property would rise from £2201.73 to £2421.90, then £2664.09, then £2930.49.

We have one or two long standing friends who went to public schools. As far as I know, it was a decision made by their parents who thought they were doing the best for their kids.
But sometimes the best laid plans gang aft agley. One of those friends joined a socialist group on the first day of University. I guess the public school education worked its magic that time.

May was defending Kober yesterday in parliament in a discussion about on-line bullying. Mentioned something about Momentum.

It looks like she was talking about Aditya Chakrabortty but I'm sure the leader of Haringey Council knows the difference between a fee paying public school and Haringey's only selective grammar school which he attended.



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