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An anonymous contributor just added this to the main Harringay page on Wikipedia:

Until 1942 there was a foot tunnel running under the Great Northern railway from a point on Wightman Road, close to Alison Road to Weston Park in Hornsey, giving convenient access for pupils to The Stationers' Company's School (boys) and Hornsey High School for boys. This tunnel was closed due to bombing raids on the railway marshalling yards during the Second World War. The access point for this tunnel is now a private garage of a house in Wightman Road.

There's no citation to verify, but neither do I have any reason to suppose it's not true. From looking at maps in the past I'd concluded that the original intention had been to build a road between those two points. I never had any idea that a footpath had existed. What a huge shame they never opened it up again after the war.

See also this post.

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I am awaiting a response from my pals on the Stationers Old Boys Assoc.  who may have some info - but I am convinced Hugh is right. For a start why bother? With road bridges at both Turnpike Lane and the Finsbury Park end and foot bridges at both Hornsey Station and Harringay West the job was surely done?

In any event the locations suggested would be at the widest section of the marshalling yard and involve going under the New River as well. Does not seem logical to me.

I do love a urban myth though. I have an example where illogical things were done in the village I was born in. The local bigwig was asked to run the train-line through the bottom of his land, He agreed only if he had his own station at the end of his drive. If you look on the line at Roydon Station and Briggens House you can see the track going around his land and the station at the end of the drive. People agree to big things no matter how illogical when they are trying to get a job done.



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