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Is it common for them to be out at night?

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... they are creatures of the night...

There are immigrants on Falkland Rd. I know of at least one Australian.

They are after a crusty old Kiwi that hangs out around the school apparently. 

Yes him too. I bet there's hardly anyone there who was born here or has a British Passport. Deport the lot of them back to fuzzy-wuzzy-land in the Antipodes.

One Immigration van was parked last evening for a long time on Fairfax road, GL end.  At least one I could see from my window, maybe there were more. 

Yes. Good that there is visibility of law enforcement in the area - hopefully a deterrent to crime and general antisocial behaviour.

Obviously they're just putting on a show of force for the next month or so, to make Donald feel at home. I saw two lads building a wall yesterday.

What, to keep Donald out?

I’m told he’s gonna swing by to sample ‘like the best kebab, ever.’ 

Not funny.  About 30 immigration officers.  They pick up anyone whose immigration status is not clear & slap them in detention.  The recent Windrush Generation scandal has shown how often they pick up people who have a legal reight to be here.  And no, of course they don't pick up white English-speaking migrants.  It's apractice that has hundreds of people living in terror.  Trump isn't the only one that breaks up families.

A member of our household saw people being taken away from the Corner Cafe on Wednesday night.



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