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Hey guys,
I'm interested in the general opinion, of what you think green lanes will look like in say 3 years? I know gentrification is a dicey topic, but curios if green lanes will look like Stokey or crouch end? There's already some new shops like bean n barley and harringay local that have popped up, And I wondered what the character of future shops and green lanes might be?

What do you think?

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Wood Green is far more strategically important and will enjoy far far more future investment.
I think you're right Tina, on the difference between Green Lanes and Crouch End/Stokey. Green Lanes has shops I need and use every day while the other two have shops that are "nice" but I only use them once in a blue moon. My wish list for new ventures in Green Lanes N4/8 end would be -
A book shop
A men's clothes shop that sells fairly "classic" clobber
A delicatessen (salamis hanging from the ceiling, fresh pasta by weight, that kind of thing)
A fresh fish shop

And I'm not in anyway averse to the odd chain store here and there.

Yes Michael I was thinking of what would be good shops to have on GL next as we have so much already now but a good decent clothes shop for men women and kids although next has alit and TKMaxx in just being greedy my wish list would be a pet shop and a nice toy shop then I would never ever leave Harringay again ever !

Crouch End does have among other things an old-fashioned ironmonger, an electrical goods shop, a hoover repair place, an appliance shop, as well as a a good greengrocer, and a fishmonger

Jam in a Jar, coffee shop... bless! Ha ha ha.

Well, during the day it kinda is? 

Yes that's a good article you link to John. Rich captures our luck with the long awaited changes to our neighbourhood. Haringey GL really is a destination that people come to now from far & wide for a good night out, food, drink ... and live music (including rock, pop, folk & jazz).

Do they though? I agree that it's become way more enticing for a local night out, brunch or pub afternoon - but I've never known anyone to come from 'far and wide' unless, well, specifically invited by me or another local-ish person. 

Oh yes they do - guess it depends where you're hanging out Abster :)



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