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Apparently the council has agreed to allow a ten-day music festival in the park during the Olympics, which will involve closing off the southern part of the park for three weeks during school holidays, and music until 10 p.m every night. Has there been any discussion on HoL - if so, I've missed it.

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Shem, there are probably times when the Chancellor of the Exchequer closes his eyes and wishes that we could go back to the 1970s in at least one respect: the absolute levels of ... government debt.

Bring back Olympic medals for poetry !!!

( and knitting  )

John do you mean individual poets, or do you mean poetry teams?

I favour team poetry as its more open, inclusive and democratic. You don't have single syncronised swimmers do you? What do they synchronise with except other swimmers in synchronicity?

Same point goes for knitting.

Imagine the thrill of watching the Final – in a purpose-built hall – of the teams from say, Iran and Israel, competing in peace for Olympic Gold, in knitting.

Naked athletes though it will mean no logos.

Naked knitting? Yes please! Naked poetry? Please no!


Anyway Finsbury Park aside (I'm looking forward to Jam Village, by the way, hoping it's even a bit like Lambeth County Fair although probably without the weird veg competition and the grannies' cupcakes and the owls), my Mum was saying that down in Weymouth THE AUTHORITIES are going to put up a BIG WALL so that REBEL PEOPLE can't get a free look at the Olympic sailing races there without buying a ticket. I'm hoping this isn't true as it sounds a bit petty. But that's one for the denizens of Weymouth Online!

One of the results of having an Olympics that are so grossly over-bloated is that they require vast sums to produce.

Having all London local authorities, in effect, on rations, for years is not enough. Sponsorship has always had a needed place in sport, but in the Olympics, commercialism rises to Olympian levels. How valid is it to have "official" sponsors, simply because one company is prepared to pay more cash than another?

Flags and national anthems, ever more-grand opening ceremonies and all for two weeks of glory for a few.

The original games featured only blokes in the buff, competing on an individual basis, for clearly identifiable qualities of strength and endurance. We now have synchronised swimming teams. Not yet permitted are the less strenuous poetry and knitting. But doubtless their international bodies would be prepared to press for recognition.

How remote are today's Olympics from the noble origins.

Billy I'm all in favour of Olympic games that feature things like running, jumping and swimming. But do you favour synchronised swimming?!

If Olympic shooting teams, why not other technique-only sport like Olympic mortar and RPG launching? They involve youth, teams and fitness too.


It's not about liking or disliking sports. I could watch synchro swimming all day long if it were comprised solely of fit birds.

But is an Olympic Gold in team shooting really the equivalent of Olympic Gold in the 100m Mens Final? (for the purpose of argument, I assume the 100m race-winner is not drug-assisted)

It's a question of, should every sport (athletic or not) be included in the Olympics?

I say there needs to be a line drawn, and drawn differently from where it is now.

Hey, poetry's taking a beating here. What would we know of the original Olympic spirit and its champions if it weren't for the Odes of Pindar ?  Now he's replaced by int'l TV, Murdoch press and, I suppose, The Jamaican Gleaner. Poetry it ain't.

Not sure whether the link to the Jamaica Village website has been posted previously.

Jamaica village?

No, it's coming in prefab form on the back of a lorry.

Boom boom.

Hello Hugh,

Thanks for posting the link.  I've just had a look at the website and it appears that the event is supported by various Jamaican bodies / organisations (i.e paid for) not Haringey Council.



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