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It's bye bye bridge banners as Harringay wins £1.8 million for Green Lanes in new fund bid

Hard on the heels of the successful bid for Round 1 of the Outer London Fund, it has just been announced that Harringay has won £1.77million from the Round 2 bid submitted last year.

The bid was submitted by the Green Lanes Strategy Group with the drive and vision coming in particular from Rob Chau of the Harringay Traders' Association.

The Harringay project was also singled out for particular mention this morning by Boris Johnson when he announced the bid.

The £1.77m will be augmented to almost £2.1m with matched funding coming from local traders. The project focuses on three key elements, most of which echo many sentiments expressed here on HoL

1. Create a new gateway for Harringay - a total revamp of the bridge. Gone will be the banners and the tat and in it's place a stylish entrance to our hood. LED panels and a showcase for local artists will be part of the approach.

2. Improve the public realm at street level - this will focus on a 'mini town square' approach - improving all the junctions that lead on to Green Lanes with better trees, building up the side road headers to pavement level and adding benches. Power points will also be added to allow the development of a street market culture.

3. Improving shop fronts -  a limited number of shop fronts will be replaced with quality wooden ones, echoing a more traditional feel. Initial funding will limit the number to 35, but it is hoped that these will pioneer improvements elsewhere. Individual traders will add 20% of the cost themselves 

More details on the bid soon. In the meantime some pictures for you to conjour up your imaginations:










Rob summarised his exhilaration with a measured statement of purpose, "The festival has shown just how vibrant our high street can be. We want to help guarantee our competitiveness against other high streets. We just haven't had the funds to do it till now. This is the biggest amount of funding we've seen for thirty years"

Once the dust has settled, a series of consultation events will be held to provide local people with an opportunity for direct input into exactly how the funds will be spent.

You can catch a little on the Mayor's announcement on the BBC news this evening. They're supposed to be coming to Harringay for a few shots and quick interviews.

More soon, I'm sure. In the meantime, well done to Rob and the bid team! Great news for the hood.




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what this project boils down to is some new street furniture and trees, and some uplighters. artistic impressions look great but dont think the reality will measure up.

about those uplighters( the most imaginative part of the scheme) guess they will look nice until the lightbulbs need replacing - thats what happened in wood green. check out the uplighters there.

Is it not also the restoration of all the shop fronts with traditional wood and glass designs?  I thought that was the central and most significant aspect.

Sorry to be flippant but... mafia still run tings. A few LED's and pieces of pine don't add any real character or interest to an area, they just make things tacky in a more shiny way. Grants and support for diverse businesses, arts and cultural activities that reflect the demand of the whole community would have a real effect.

Hold yer hosses. Alot of work has been done since this post was added. There's a public consultation coming up in the next few weeks. I'll be posting about it very soon. 

Update on this just added here.

this is a simple plan announced a year or two today - whats the delay???

ok restoring some buildings to their edwardian or victorian splendour might take a bit of co=ordination but the rest of it is a real no brainer, jfdi

Paddy, read the update I just added.



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