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Out shopping,  I happened to notice that the Ladbrokes at the bottom of my road has a shop to let sign over it. I went to the company listed as managing the property and found that this is one of a number of Ladbrokes shops that listed as available. Does this mean that the betting shop bubble is bursting? Or am I getting my hopes up and I'll wake up to find Paddy Power have taken over another corner of the street?

Any industry insiders or students have any thoughts?

Details attached as a pdf below in case any budding entrepreneurs fancy brightening up that corner

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Oooh, that's interesting...

With any luck it will return to being a pub!

My goodness I never knew the rent and rates were so expensive. 

It'll become another betting shop.

Oh yes, I think that is likely.

So you think that its simply Ladbrokes saving a little money by closing down a few branches. Certainly the most plausible explanation but perhaps implies that some big players in the industry are starting to feel the pinch?

Metrobet withdrew from Green Lanes. Only Paddy Power seems to be expanding and would probably not open another branch so close to their newish one. Which of course leaves others, including the applicant for the Coliseum, Tipico. We shall see.

I went past the other day (I've been away for a bit) and noticed that there was a lot of clear glass and you could see right into the bookies. I know they did some sort of refit recently (no?), but I thought you were not allowed to do this, I thought you had to have the insides of a bookies a bit more obscure??

I seem to remember the Agora lot getting into trouble over this or having their doors open?

"with any luck it will return to being a pub!"

...wanna bet?

The rise of online betting will naturally mean the closure of some betting shops just as online shopping has exacerbated the decline of the high street in general. 

This is not necessarily a good thing,  I have to say, as online betting is much more alluring and detrimental to people's health, well-being and their pockets (and their families….) 

Of course we don't want a high street full of betting shops just as we wouldn't want it full of any one particular strand of business but I am concerned about the allure and growth of online betting. It's made to look such fun and it can get people way under 18 as who is checking? And online takes out the social side of being with others. That's my bit, one and all. Have a good Friday. 



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