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Is anybody else's post disappearing/taking far longer than it should to arrive?

Just wondering if there was a problem at the sorting office again: I'm on Burgoyne and I've got at least four items that should have arrived last week/the week before last and are still awol. Anybody experiencing the same or - as I've long suspected - does the Royal Mail really have something personal against me?

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I'm also waiting on 2 first class small parcels for about 2 weeks now, and I'm on Pemby... not sure the end is in sight! Oscillating between frustration and resignation, and remembering the pandemic times when things took 6 weeks to arrive. I d/k... I find royal mail/post office gets romanticised a bit, but the service from other providers is so much better these days :/

Same here - I’m waiting on 2 first class parcels for 2+ weeks. Spoke to the postman today who told me there is a new person starting next week and that he will be working through the backlog. 



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