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Interviewers wanted for PhD research survey in Harringay area

Are you available for up to 40 hours during September? 10 interviewers (aged over 18) are needed to administer a short questionnaire door to door in the Harringay area of North London.  The data collected will be used for my PhD research, which involves looking at how people shop for food. There is basic training and a salary on offer. Please contact me for more information. Judith.

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Hi Judith 

I'd be interested in this .

Pls email me at sgwilkins@hotmail.com


Steve Wilkins 

Hi Steve

Thank you for your interest.  I shall email you tomorrow with more details.


Seems to me the PhD should be divided into eleven equal parts (let's call them 11+ Diplomas) and awarded to the 10 doorsteppers and yourself as collator. 

Dear OAE

That made me laugh on a grey day - thank you!

Such a move would surely change the face of his/her/their-story forever ;-)

Hi Judith I am interested and available 

Emma e.corker@gmail.com 

Hi Emma

Thanks for your interest.  I shall email you with more information tomorrow.


Hi there i am interested and available, hope to hear from you soon, Marion

Hi Marion

Thanks for your interest.  I shall email you with more information.  I have sent a connection request.


Hi Judith,
Please send me more info.
Jenniferflavell @ gmail.com

Hi Jennifer

Thanks for your interest.  I shall email you with more information.


Hi Tarin,

Thanks for your interest.  I have accepted your HoL Mail connection, and sent a message.




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