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I live in a council house and my wife and I really want to install a wood burner in our home so that our family can be less reliant on gas and so that we can have a snug home.

I was wondering if this is possible with Haringey council and if anyone has any advice on this issue? We currently have a disconnected gas heater where the fire place should be and it will never be reconnected. Even to open the fire place for a traditional fire would be good.

We are quite prepared to get the chimney cleaned and conditioned if needed. We would also use the correct fuel permitted.

We have not spoken to the council about this yet - just seeing if it has been done before by others.

Thanks in advance for any tips in advance.


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I worked for many years managing council housing in another London Borough. To carry out any improvements or alterations like this, tenants usually need to ask the Council's permission and submit details of what works will be carried out and by a competant contractor etc. If I were you I would contact your housing officer and ask what the process is for doing this and what details they need to know. They should not 'unreasonably' refuse your request. Hope this helps

I really wouldn't think they will let you, it would require insurance companies being notified and, chimneys getting cleaned, carbon monoxide tests.

They don't even like gas fires anymore, they're trying to make it all central heating these days.
Hi mate,
Thanks for your response. Have you or anyone you know had experience of dealing with the council when it comes to a request like mine? It just seems crazy to deny something that is more natural and reduces the reliance on gas or oil.
Would you be able to recommend someone to install a wood burner or even a good shop to buy one?
Many thanks for all your help so far.
You will need a Hetas qualified person to install it ideally. The council have to come in to check the boiler once a year usually and if so it will probably get flagged up then if you instal one on the quiet, which could result In you having to take it out or the council doing it and charging you. So be careful.

For insuramce and safety purposes it needs to be cleaned and checked once a year ( I think I'm right in saying). It also must be a very efficient modern wood burner to qualify for use in London.
Thanks again mate,
I certainly would not add this on the quiet - I want it done properly and to have all approved.
Thanks for your help - it gives me something more to think about but I will definitely persist.
Kind regards
Hi Natasha,
Thank you so much for your response and my apologies for not emailing sooner.
In your time with the other borough was there many similar requests from people to revert back to a fire place or have a wood burner installed? Surely if I could present a plan to the council then then shouldn't find fault with it? Or am I being naive?
I really want to do my homework on this before I speak to my housing officer. I want to be ready in case they say no straight away.
Many thanks again
All the best
Rob to
Rob, when I worked in housing and a tenant asked for permission to make changes the two questions I had to ask myself were:
If the property is relet, will the council become responsible for the repair and maintenance of the improvement
If the improvement has to be removed before the property is relet, how much will it cost and how long could it delay re-letting
That was on top of the initial check that what was being proposed was safe and being carried out by a qualified installer or tradesperson.
Good morning Michael,
Thank you for your response. My family and I have no intention of moving anywhere so this property is not going to be relet and therefore I guess the council don't need to worry about removing it in the future. I have a young family so I would def get everything fitted safely.
May I ask you that even if I could prove everything noted in all the posts above, as a former housing worker would you then allow a tenant to install a wood burne?
Many thanks for all your help
What I would probably ask for is a signed undertaking that future reapair and maintenance would be the responsibility of the tenant and that removal and making good would be the tenant's responsibility if they vacate the property. You could try going armed with that when you contact the housing officer. Sounds a nice improvement so best of luck
Thanks again for your help Michael.
Fingers crossed.



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