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There's a video circulating on social media of an MPS Haringey policeman kicking a 16 year old black boy in the head during a (in their words) proactive patrol after a few robberies in the area. Surprised no one has mentioned this yet. It happened last Tuesday 8 December on West Green Road. The police have of course issued a statement too. However the statement is appalling and in no way justifies what we can all see: a grown man, a police man, punching a child in the head. 

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Teenage boys are humans too.

Malady, no need to apologise.

  • Always have your 'full support' in hitting an unarmed 16-year-old in the head? There it is on video. You fully support it? Really?

If you look carefully the officer doesn't punch the youth in the head, he whacks him with his forearm. The youth is obviously resisting at the start of the video. Also the video is short and like all things out of context is not be all end all evidence of police violence against an innocent as we have no idea as to what happened before this video started. A Haringey borough Cllr using social media in this case is a non-starter as all politicians have ulterior motives. Also I would say that to share this very short video at this point before all the facts are in is ridiculous at this point and show's a lack of judgement by the second in command in the council. 

I say lets all calm down and wait to see what the real story is here before we hit the big red button that says POLICE BRUTALITY on it. 

If kids ( or people in general ) don't want to get in physical trouble with the police all they have to do is stay quiet and do what the officer tells them to do. But, if they take the attitude " you can't do that to ME " and resist, force will be used against them.

Absolutely. The reality with this video is that there is nothing showing what this youth did or was trying to do that got the police involved in the first place. Someone posted earlier it was probably the students trying to get their GCSE results. Yes possibly but how do we know for sure that the youth in the video was one of them peacefully trying to get his results? How do we know, he could of been threatening those same kids outside the school and he along with his friends could for all we know have been carrying a knife to use against one of those students. I'm making this call without any evidence other than the few seconds seen on the clip, but that's the point isn't it. Everyone here inc the Cllr who tweeted the video doesn't know anything about what actually took place and that is why I believe she has made a serious error in judgement before the facts are revealed. This borough doesn't need more unrest and this sort of thing could have the potential to explode. 

It just shows that her judgement on this matter is poor. Kneejerk reaction that is endemic in politicians these days. 

Press release from Stand up to Racism Haringey attached 


This is not an objective statement of facts. I'll wait until the investigation is over before jumping to conclusions.

That goes without saying doesn't it? Of course, no one should ever take any press release from any source at face value. 

The release does however contain the following statement of interest which answers a question I raised in my previous comment on this post.

Ken Hinds, chair of Haringey Independent Stop and Search Monitoring Group, who in an unprecedented move was allowed to view the police bodycam of the incident

The press release does not make it clear if what follows then related to that viewing or the more general narrative. However, we are at least reassured that there su a source of primary evidence that may well be able to give a wider view of the events surrounding this incident. If there is a defence for the officer's actions, then this should evidence that. If not then one hope that he will be appropriately sanctioned and the Met will look yet again and how they can prevent yet more incidents of this nature.

I have never before commented on a chat thread before, but some of what has been said here has astounded me.  At 16, this boy is legally a child - and will be for two more years.  If he was your son, would you be happy for the police to treat him this way?  If you would be, then I would fear for him!  It certainly looks to me from this video, that the policeman's punch landed on his head.  But even if it didn't, he had clearly intended it that it would.  What the police "in general" are like is irrelevant (and impossible to judge, as they are all individuals, not a uniform mass).  What matters here is this policeman and his treatment of this child.  Thank heaven for phone filming of these incidents, because without it in this case, this child would have no means of defence against this dreadful behaviour.



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