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I have seen a lot of posts on the safety of Harringay so please forgive me if you feel this is repetition. I accepted my dream job in Harringay on Friday morning, and heard the awful news of the shooting in Wood Green in the evening. In light of this, I wanted to get some advice from local people relating to gun crime and gangs.

Prior to applying for the job, I researched crime rates etc and felt they were not unusual for London. I also understand that gang related crime rarely effects innocent people, which is what makes this incident even more shocking.

Is the area of Wood Green generally safe? Do you feel able to shop there without worrying? Would/ do any of you live in that particular area? Are you aware of gangs?

My thoughts are with anyone affected by this tragic incident. Thank you in advance for your help.

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I have to say that having lived here for 5 months, the area is wrongly given a bad reputation. It can be scary when you look at the news and see all things that happen but I would say that's more of a London thing, then simply a wood green thing! Alexandra Palace is beautiful (and still Wood Green) and there are also some amazing restaurants down green lanes! You should try them if you are ever back around here. And the patisseries are so good! Best of all, compared to the rest of London, eating out and going places is so cheap! I was wary before I moved here but I'm really enjoying it. I have never witnessed or been subject to any crime and people are friendly. You should give it another shot! :)

Glad to hear you feel settled here now.

I've lived here for over 20 years and it's no worse than any other part of London, or other large town, or the suburbs, or the provinces, or small town etc. It just has a bad reputation in the press (mostly unjustified)

I've lived in London for 43 years and I pretty much know everywhere in it really well from working all over the place and I personally think that you can't do better than buying a property in Wood Green. It's got amazing transport links, enjoys a quite a bright looking future in terms of future investment and if you can get a place near the foothills of Ally Pally, it will almost feel like you live in the country.

Regarding crime, it's London. Bigger the city, more crime you get. On average 15% more every time a city doubles in size but everything else gets a 15% increase. The parties are 15% better. The jobs are paid 15% more. Transport tends to become 15% better. That's the deal when human beings get together. More stuff gets achieved for good and bad and in a more efficient way. It's the trade off. Wood Green is no worse than anywhere else apart from more people means more stuff happens and the universe is blind when it comes to supporting new initiatives and helping burgoning industries, it will help them regardless of their relationship to the law.



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