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I would like to thoroughly recommend my cleaner, Desi, who is looking for new clients in the Harringay area. Her number to contact is 07878 935011.

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Desi has cleaned our house and we were very unhappy with her. She doesn't do a thorough job at all. 

Desi did a trial at our house before the lockdown started and I was happy with her cleaning. She seemed thorough and honest. She didn't try to cut corners or spent the majority of the time speaking on her mobile as so many cleaners do. I am thinking of calling her back once things are fully back to normal.

Yes the first few times she was amazing.. Until we weren't home or she felt more secure I guess. Spend time cleaning after her when she left. She also didn't stay the full three hours we asked her for. She'd often come and do a quick touch and go and left after an hour. For a whole house. Yet took full 3 hour pay. 

Desi has been cleaning for me for almost a year, she is super quick and thorough and I have always been really happy with her work 

I would also like to thoroughly recommend Desi. She has cleaned our house for a couple of years, and always does a really good job.



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