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Hello there,

Just wondering if anyone might be able to point me in the right direction please?

My family will be coming out from Australia to visit me in September (for our wedding!) and I'm looking for somewhere for them to stay close to Green Lanes (near The Salisbury).

Mum and my two little sisters can stay with my fiancee and I but as my big sister will have her husband and two kids with her so she has suggested she an apartment would be good but as they are here for less than one week, I'm not short term rentals are possible?

Perhaps my google-fu is not very good but I'm having trouble finding any decent hotels in N8. Are the closest really those in Finsbury Park? I don't really like the look of the bed and breakfast type places on Green Lanes but if anyone knows better and thinks there are any decent ones, I'd be grateful to hear about them.

Any help much appreciated! Thank you : )


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That's a great idea, ElleCarumba! Thank you very much :)

Check our HoL listings with commentary by locals who've used the venues for their own families. Also check the tag added under your post.

Thanks to you, Hugh! Another very useful suggestion!

Mount view and Ossian guest houses are both lovely, other side of the tracks but only a short walk away over the footbridge and far nicer than Green Lanes guesthouses. I've had friends stay in both.

Ossian does look lovely : )

Hi Robyn,

Lesser known good guesthouse in N10 Muswell Hill, near Ally Pally that's family run Is www.74coniston.com run by Norma and John, but advise to book ahead. There s a couple of small hotels here too for any other attendees. Its a bus ride to N8. Good luck for the wedding!

All the best,



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