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Hornsey & Wood Green election candidate to issue retraction letter after publishing … a lie

A Hornsey & Wood Green election candidate is expected to issue a retraction letter after publishing untruth.

This, in one of the country's most marginal electorates. The consequences of breaching Section 106 of the Representation of the People Act (1983) can be severe:

Guardian story.

If a retraction letter is not sent out to those residents whom her Party sought to mislead, there's likely to be a visit to libel lawyers, tomorrow (Monday).

Clive Carter
Liberal Democrat Councillor

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For God's sake!!

Will this all be over after tomorrow ?

Please say yes

Oh, just had another A4 leaflet (addressed to us both this time) bashing Labour -from the left- from the LibDems. But "on behalf of the Liberal Democrats" only appears in tiny writing. Misleading, Clive? And why no similar leaflets bashing the Tories from the right?

Morning Eugene, I got the same leaflet addressed to me this morning, I actually thought it had no mention at all of the name of the party that sent it, but then C pointed out the teeny tiny writing that I hadn't even seen, let alone been able to read!

This is the very definition of negative campaigning - slagging off the opposition (and as you say, why no similar treatment of the Tories - are the Lib Dems right of centre now?) without even a mention of your own party or who you would like people to vote for.

Funny thing is Lesley, I'd never have noticed until I'd started reading Clive's "Outraged of Harringey" post. And another thing they keep banging on about in their leaflets is that Catherine West is "Not local". I haven't checked this but I've read a blog comment that says: West’s children attended and attend local Hornsey schools. (This I know is true as my sister taught one); Walking distance from her house to Crouch End clock tower is 1 mile and from Lynne Featherstone’s house is 1.7 miles. From West’s house to Wood Green Shopping City 2.3 miles, from Featherstone’s 2.8 miles.

oddly I got one of these leaflets.

When I got it I had great difficulty in reading the small print - I actually found ithe small print  hard to find, and thought at first it was an illegal election leaflet, until I found it, and then peered intently at it. From the typeface I had thought it possible that it might have been done by the SWP.

Why "oddly"

Well you see, I live in ISLINGTON NORTH



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