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Eight years ago when I started HoL, I hoped we would eventually hit the dizzy heights of 200 members. It is with some degree of shock I realised recently that we were fast heading towards 10,000. Today with the joining of Eleanor Kiff, we reached that number.

So welcome Elanor and all other 9 999 members.

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How would I know when I joined?

And congratulations from me, too!

Thank you. On your page, you can see a welcome message from me on March 9th 2008. From our records, I can tell you that were HoL's 359th member!

Thank you, Hugh!

You/we've come a long way.......

OK, I know, I know, I'm late, my only excuse being it takes a while for the carrier pigeon to get from Sydney to Harringay!  First, hello to Eleanor No. 10,000, congratulations to Hugh (for thinking of the idea in the first place), Liz (for all the hard work she's put in over the years) and Harringay itself (for just being there!)

I remember I joined in March 2008 and was No. 300 and something.  Nowadays I still keep up to date by reading the Friday Ketchup, but don't contribute much in the way of chat as a lot is to do with the 'modern' Harringay, about which I know very little.  So, yes, Stephenbln if I am the 'lady' you referred to in Australia ... I am still here!

Once again, congratulations all, this is quite an achievement. 





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