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There is a new planning application for an HMO (Houses in Multiple Occupation) in Roseberry Gardens, deadline for comments to Haringey council is 13/01/20. Application is for 6 separate units in a former family home with no provision for parking or additional rubbish created, amongst other details



*19 Roseberry Gardens N4 1JQ*


Proposal: Change of use from Residential (C3) to small HMO (C4) for up
to 6 people

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As to what's permitted, for those who aren't sure, see policies DM16 & DM17 in the Development Management Plan. Any applications, and comments made on them will be viewed against this framework and so should be made with reference to it.

And please consider posting your comments with the planning reasons for objecting or supporting. on the Council website. Please use your real names.
Posting on a website doesn't make the cut.

Update - the application has been refused.

Good to see the planning department being rigorous, no doubt the property developer will be reapplying as we speak

great news!

This post needs to be pinned somewhere so we can all be reminded of how landlords think and of how there seems to be an inverse correlation between how wealthy you have become from rent seeking with residential property to how thoughtful you are.

Stupid question but how were you notified of the intention to change use to HMO? The neighbouring property to ours changed to HMO but we were never notified even though it seems the application was submitted after we purchased our property. 

Tessa, if you look at the list of files given for this case you will see that one of them is a list of the addresses they sent consultation letters to. In this case it was two doors on each side of number 19 and two houses opposite plus th eGardens Residents Association. I don't whether this is the Council's regular obligatory practice but it ought to be.

Does anyone have an update on this?

Has the property been sold or was a new HMO application granted?

No appeal is showing. The reasons for refusal are quite clear and solid. So, I don’t think an appeal would succeed anyway. It might be that the conditions have been breached. Worth reporting to enforcement for them to check. 

You can report your concerns to Planning Enforcement online (scroll down the page you go to from the link below)




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