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Help us make a welcoming space for people experiencing homelessness in Haringey


A local charity, All People All Places, has recently opened a new Night Centre at the Cranwood Building, 100 Woodside Avenue, On 17 October 2019 the centre welcomed five guests and over the coming weeks this will grow to accommodate up to twenty people who are currently experiencing homelessness in our borough. We are still working on making the space welcoming, there are many practical and financial needs and a variety of roles for volunteers.

Read on for information on ways you can help

Community Meeting,

Wednesday 13 November, 7:30pm.
Cranwood Building,

100 Woodside Avenue N10 3JA

Twitter @APAP_Services & @sstsharingey  Facebook @APAPbreakingthecycle
email: info@allpeopleallplaces.org

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Hi, this poem illustrates one of the worst problems when your homeless...

Being clean when you’re homeless

The most important thing, says George
is to be clean.

You can’t sit in the library,
no one wants to sit by you.

He points to his grubby shirt
and dusty African hair.

I come here to shower and
wash my clothes.

The food is nothing
it’s not important to me.

What matters is to wash
and be clean.

He points to a blue plastic box
of clothes on the floor for the washing machine.

He takes off his stained shirt
then another t-shirt under that and another -

many layers are necessary
to keep warm on the street -

until he’s standing before me
pot-bellied, bare-chested.

He pulls out a tired once-white t-shirt
‘this one is clean – for after my shower …’

He leaves me in charge of his box of clothes,
I fend off two attempts to rifle through his stuff.

‘No that belongs to George.’ I move the box
under my table.

He comes out smiling from the shower
with a clean white shirt on top someone gave him.

I tell him he looks … all bright and shining.
He can’t stop talking and smiling.

by Anna Meryt


(Written at a homeless facility in London 2019)



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