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Yeah... I wonder how well the businesses operating there were doing.

I’d have to agree. Building regs are pretty black and white. Having worked with some BC officers during our refurbishment  I have found them (with one highly unpleasant patronising exception) to be an agreeable, pragmatic folk who just want you to get it right. So Hawker could probably work with them to get it right if they chose to.

Statement on this issue issued by Council Leader yesterday:

We are sorry to hear that Street Feast have taken the decision to close Hawker Union in Wood Green.  We were very keen for Hawker Union to be a success in Haringey - it was a great attraction for Wood Green - and was a welcome addition to the food and drink offer in the borough. 

The suggestion that the actions of the Council have meant that Hawker Union has had to close is completely false.

The reality is that Street Feast have failed to meet statutory building regulations on their site.  Their building regulations application was submitted after works had already begun and there were a number of concerns with the project.  Although some of these concerns have been rectified, others have yet to be addressed.  We have been clear and consistent about our expectations with Hawker Union throughout the planning, licensing and building regulations process.  Street Feast’s management team have been provided with a clear list of steps to ensure compliance with the regulations but have failed to act on this advice.

The best interests of our residents are at the heart of everything that we do.  As the regulatory authority, we are required to make sure that all our residents and visitors have the best time in a safe environment.  We take this role very seriously and we must ensure that there is a level playing field so that statutory and regulatory requirements are met by everybody.  Haringey is open for business and we will always work with traders to help them meet the necessary standards.

We wish Hawker Union all the best for the future and we remain willing to work together to make this project a success.

Perhaps I jumped to the wrong conclusion on this one.

Still, it's a real shame this has gone. Does anyone know when it's closing? 

Saturday was the last night I think.

It's unfortunate that this wasn't resolved as I did enjoy the one time I went there, but building regs are there for a reason. Now if anyone from the council is reading this please can you apply the same fastidiousness to illegal HMOs all over the borough, speeding cars, illegal rubbish dumpers, potholes, open drug dealing etc etc etc

It's a real shame this has gone. I've been a couple of times, and went on Saturday night after the cinema which is when we learnt that it was closing. I thought it was a really good addition to the area, although oddly unadvertised locally. I shall miss it, it was a real novelty to have somewhere fun to spend an evening within walking distance of home.



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