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Hi neighbours

I am looking for a nursery in and around Green Lanes Harringay (we live on the ladder) for next year. Would really appreciate your insight and recommendations on the different nurseries, and in particular looking for one that would accept children under 1.

Thanks very much!


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Orange was great for us. Bonus points for being next to the tube station, handy for getting into work/town.

We're at Orange and are very happy with it, although I think it is one of the more expensive ones. I think they take from 6 months onwards.

Really happy with Little Jewels on Cavendish Road. The staff are brilliant, and (from talking to other parents) they are closed far fewer days than other nurseries. Markedly cheaper than other options too (barring Woodlands, but if you're in the Ladders you're unlikely to get a place I'd say).

Lots of reviews here (I think I was asked if I'd mind posting a review, but only once in the 2 years our child has been there, and not in a pushy way).

Thanks for the recommendations guys! I will be organising a visit to both nurseries.

Also very happy with Orange. The baby/toddler provision is very good and we have always been really happy with the staff, they are all lovely. 

it is on the more expensive side but not by much and the hours are slightly longer than some we looked at.

Good luck! 

I’m sure the nurseries recommended are excellent. However I would urge you to consider a childminder. In my experience (and in the opinion of a friend who is an early years Ofsted inspector), child minders are a much better bet than nurseries for the following reasons: firstly because it is just one woman, sometimes with an assistant, you get continuity of care. At a nursery, you have no guarantee your child’s key worker will stay in their job. Many nurseries nowadays are owned. by venture capital that squeeze them for profits and pay low wages, whereas childminders are small business owners who therefore earn good money. Childminders legally have to be registered with the council and assessed by Ofsted. They have all the relevant qualifications, first aid certificates etc. They are more likely to be flexible about pickup and drop off times- sometimes they can even do babysitting in evenings, or do school pickup when your kid starts reception. You can also do tax free childcare or the 30 free hours deal with them. 

We have been with the same childminder for both our children for over four years. They run in happy every morning, and my five-year-old still sees the friends she made as a baby after school every. Here is the Haringey list of registered childminders: https://www.haringey.gov.uk/children-and-families/childcare-and-ear...  or I am happy to give you details of our childminder if you DM me. 

Best of luck in your search whatever you choose! 

But they need to know there are 262 genders and that boys can be girls if they want....

I'm not really sure what the social programming is that you're referring to but in my experience spending lots of time with lots of different children and adults really helps their confidence and social skills.

LITTLE SKIPPERS is a new nursery on Falkland Rd. Takes kids from 18 months. Contact Tedessa +447366393144


Does anyone have any experience with the newly-opened nursery Little Skippers? I would be keen to hear from any parents with children attending there now.

Many thanks



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