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Harringay Market starts rush for local markets across the borough


It seems that whilst Haringey had grown comfortable with its weekly local market at Ally Pally, once our neighbours saw what was going on with Harringay Market, everybody else wanted their own version too.

First we had Bounds Green Market, started up by a local Bounds Green residents who worked a stall on Harringay Market for the its first weeks. No sooner was that one up and running than we heard about plans for a similar one just next door to it in Bowes Park. Now Tottenham is going to be trialling the idea too.

Most recently, Crouch End have joined the following pack. An application was for a food and craft market to run each Sunday in the playground of Coleridge Primary School, in Crouch End Hill, was submitted to the council by local resident Kate Adnan, who lives down the road in Cromartie Road, Hornsey Rise, earlier this month.

However, this latest application seems to be far from a done deal deal yet. Some locals fear the disruption that will result and it seems that the school are taking note.>


Whether or not the Coleridge market happens, it seems like local markets are here with a vengeance. Look what you've done Jessica!



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One wonders how ally pally market will react to this?

I wish these new markets every success, but I wish they wouldn't call themselves farmers' markets, a definition which implies that they are run according to a set of rules guaranteeing that the stallholders grow or make their own produce and come from within a defined distance. Crouch End could have had a real genuine certified  farmers' market from as early as 2000, several years before the renaissance of Budgens or the arrival of M&S, Tesco and Waitrose. My twelve-year campaign for this popular idea was relentlessly and repeatedly kyboshed by ill-informed shopkeepers, councillors and competitors. I moved to New York. I am back visiting and notice the Hornsey Town Hall forecourt is as desolate as ever. 

There was also a market (didn't call itself a farmers' market) at Tottenham Green East today, apparently a one-off organised by the council to see what demand was like. Hopefully it will turn into something more regular.

I was there pretty early when stalls were still setting up - there was a plant stall, a jam stall (Ma Russell's - interesting range of jams and jellies, lots of them using tropical fruit - http://www.facebook.com/MaRussellsSweetSassyPreserves/info), and a really fantastic bread stall from an artisan bakery based at Bruce Grove: the cleverly named http://www.flourishbakery.com/index.asp. They don't sell from their Bruce Grove premises, but supply restaurants and sell at a few farmers' markets. Definitely worth checking out if you're looking for another local food business to profile. Other stalls just setting up as I arrived were offering vintage clothes, fairtrade jewellery, bric a brac and what appeared to be religious books.



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