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Harringay Libdems - We’re back from the count but not out for the count.

A huge thank you to all the residents who voted for us on Thursday and gave up their time to campaign door to door and deliver leaflets with us. 

Of course we are disappointed not to have been elected to serve you as there is much to be done on Harringay but the good news is that we gained 7 councillors across the borough so the libdem presence on the council is much stronger.

Congratulations to Gina, Zena and Sarah, our new Harringay councillors. There‘s plenty of work which we, as active private citizens can be getting on with, not least our traffic survey, and we look forward to working with our newly elected councillors wherever possible.


Karen Alexander, Matt Cuthbert & David Schmitz
Your Harringay libdem team

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I’d like to echo that.

My congratulations to Gina, Zena and Sarah come naturally because, whatever our differences we have always got on very well personally.

I hope to speak to them shortly about a couple of projects where I think we could easily work together and achieve much.

It would have been great to see a balance achieved in representation for Harringay residents, for this to change we just need continued involvement in the community, promoting issues like improving air quality in our ward.

It’s a credit to David keeping the Lib Dem Team motivated, he is a true dynamo and a man of the people, amazing to witness.

The Lib Dem’s have been increadably welcoming and encouraging to me and I am greatful, it’s been a positive experience.

The nine new Lib Dem Haringey Councilor’s, started as young activists and they have made it happen, things are changing across Haringey, and it’s the result of coming together to improve life for residents in the borough, so well done.

I feel there is still plenty to achieve in Harringay, together all of us can do plenty locally, big and small for our community, and be great neighbours and activists for our area. Continue to support our parks and green spaces.

I wish Gina, Zena & Sarah well, for a job that pays £32 /day. We should help our Councilor’s by going to surgeries and working with them to make our patch great.

Thanks for all that gave us their vote, and warm words of encouragement, it means a lot to have your support on the ground, none of it is taken for granted for a minute, so thank you.

I look forward to seeing you and our Councilors on Green Lanes, as usual. Best Matt.

A big thank you to the Lib Dem volunteers, who made the campaign experience a joy.

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I’m a Labour Party member and I was really heartened to see passionate people from Labour and the LibDems out and about.  That level of community involvement can only be good for everyone living in the ward, whatever their political allegiances 



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