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Harringay Ladder Traffic and Transport Review Update

Posted on Sep 22nd 2022 by Haringey Council
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Just got this In March 2022, two webinars were provided for members of the local resident and business community to attend as part of a new series of engagement activities on the Harringay Ladder Traffic and Transport Review. The purpose of these webinars was to share the findings of the 2017 Transport Study and the 2021 Public Engagement undertaken via Commonplace and to gather feedback on priorities for the area which would help shape what improvements the Council should consider for the area. We have since collected and analysed all the feedback received and an Interim Engagement Report has been prepared and is attached here.

In summary, the last phase of engagement drew several key observations:

• that roads in and around the Haringey Ladder are dangerous; roadside parking is a contributing factor,

• traffic and congestion are a cause of pollution,

• traffic should be reduced,

• HGVs are having a negative impact.

The next stage will include further public engagement in Autumn with the local resident and business community, where we will provide information on the data we have collected, both for traffic and parking as well as the analysis we have undertaken on the road traffic collisions that have occurred in the area. We will discuss the options we will be developing further and testing out through traffic signal modelling to understand if these would work and what the likely impacts and benefits these would bring. The modelling will consider the traffic conditions now and will be updated once we gather new traffic data in a few months following a short settling in period now that the St Ann’s Low Traffic Neighbourhood has come into effect.

If you would like to keep up to date with our progress, please subscribe to news updates on this site. We will write to the local community again with details of when the next engagement will take place. If you have any questions or queries, please contact this email address: harringayladderttr@haringey.gov.uk

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Wow. The Council paid for this. 19 powerpoint slides summarising a poorly run online pub session. From memory, a third of the discourse was about changing the phasing of one intersection's lights. Another third was spent discussing turning circles. 

The roads are dangerous. Things are worse. No data. Nothing objective. Just counting comments on a webinar. Pollution is bad...mkaay. The thousands of residents need to realise that several dozen businesses carry equal weight in the court of Haringey. What wonderful messaging.

I appreciate the update EMC2, but the content is sophomoric data babble. 

Isn't most of what you want the next step, the traffic modelling. I would very much hope that there will be some data involved in that.

It strikes me as more of a tick box exercise to say there was a consultation, with the slim chance that something surprising may come up, rather than a large part of the process.

I agree with @Chris.  

The council paid a consultancy (based in South London) to count comments from attendance at a 'webinar' attended by invite by mail drop. The 'webinar' was held in March so it seems to have taken ECF (the consultancy) six months to write an 'interim report'.  In attendance at the 'webinar', 93 'community' and 14 'businesses'.  To me a 'webinar' suggests a lecture rather than invitation to comment, also in the letter it was suggested that there would be other opportunities to comment so there was from the get go a high barrier to entry, and a good deal of self selection required to participate.  As I understand it a separate 'webinar' was held for businesses which either accounts for or reflects the skewed importance business concerns have with the council over traffic matters.  

The fact that this is a continuation of a consultancy started in 2015 is further indicative of the speed of progress on this matter.  I wonder how much traffic and pollution has increased since then?  Perhaps we'd be able to see if the qualitative work was backed up with quantitative data.  Have the Wightman Road changes improved matters in the round? i.e. reduced pollution?  Or caused more accidents?  I wonder if less cyclists use Wightman Road than previously?  If anyone has access to the answers to these questions I'd love to know.

I'd say the observations are pretty much self evident ('traffic and congestion are a cause of pollution' or one comment that "everyone has issues, residents and businesses") and probably didn't require a study but maybe that's just me.  Also a study collating comments is pretty easy for the council to ignore isn't it?

No offence meant to EMC2 - whom I thank for sharing.  I just wish something more concrete and substantiated could be done by Haringey council and faster.  



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