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I have just finished my last jar of locally produced Harringay Honey.  I can't find the link for the guy who produced it.  Can anyone remember or does anyone know where I can get some more of the local stuff please?


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Do you mean Thierry's chef d'oeuvre? It's sold out and you'll have to wait for the bees to do their work this summer. 

It really is stupendously good. (I don't want to make you feel bad but I've been seriously ekeing it out and I still have three quarters of a jar).

Thanks Hugh, thats the very one.  I have been really sparing with it too but I used the last bit this morning.  I thought it was a long shot that Thierry would have any left - you are right, I will just have to wait for the bees to do their thing and look forward to the summer.

The Haelan Centre [opposite the Clocktower in Crouch End] may have a jar or two of Highgate Honey left from last year.

This was a contact I had for Honey some time back.....  she might still produce!!

Hi! I live at 91 Creighton Road, N17. My telephone numbers are 020 8376 2274 or 07940 596030. Honey can be collected from us by arrangement, or I can deliver. I am off work from Wednesday for the rest of the week. Just give us a call and we can sort it out. Thanks, Michelle

This year's batch for sale here.



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