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There was a warming epilogue to the Harringay Cashmob we organised a couple of weeks back with news that our event has just inspired a similar one in Enfield. Thanks to Antonia Kanczula, the quiet power behind the marketing of Harringay Market, for passing on the following message from the Enfield organisers.

Thanks so much for organising this cash mob. I heard about it on twitter and was then inspired to organise a SHOCK Cash Mob, in Enfield! The chosen shop was kept a secret, until the night before, then 10 of us, all waving our £10 notes queued into the shop and bought £10 or more of gorgeous products.

The shop we mobbed was The Village Wholefood Store on Forty Hill, in Enfield.

The pregnant lady came along too and yes, she got her Raspberry Leaf Tea and an armful of other stuff too.

Thank you so much for inspiring this event, it’s given the business owner a much needed boost, financially and also emotionally, we also felt amazing using the little we had to make a real difference.

It makes me wonder where else events are now taking place. Is the phenomenon going to start spreading in the UK now?

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And I was there waving my tenner.Lovely little shop in Enfield. :)



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