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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Remember the HCG air quality study of Harringay mentioned on HoL back in June? The results are in and you can view them on an interactive map.

Turnpike Lane, Wightman Rd, and Green Lanes are above the EU legal limits for Nitrogen Dioxide ... if you're walking or cycling through Harringay its safer to use the Harringay Passage.

BBC London News ran a story about the study today which is up on iplayer.

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I'm afraid I still can't relate nox levels on individual Ladder roads to my perception of relative traffic volumes.

Duckett is 16, Burgoyne 23, Seymour 27, Mattison 27 and Permberton 28. Do those levels equate to your perception of relative traffic levels? There must be other significant factors which have an effect.



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