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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

…has posted on insta to say it’s struggling. It’s Haringey’s original zero-waste store. If anyone needs some plastic-free dry goods this weekend, sounds like they really could use some love

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Well done for posting this Kit. I second this. Harmless Store is an independent business established by local people & originally based in Wood Green. Through their social media pages I saw how they worked flat out to support local people during the lockdowns, they were massively busy. Now people’s shopping habits have changed they’re really struggling financially. Please support this fantastic local business. Everything’s plastic free & vegan. You can take your own containers into the shop or they’ll provide some. They also do home deliveries to Harringay with a cargo bike. This is exactly the sort of business which we all ought to be supporting. They’re on Tottenham Lane, sort of opposite the old Hornsey police station or you can order online for your home delivery https://harmlessstore.co.uk & harmless_store on Instagram 

I don’t know them personally, I’m just a happy customer! 

Yes I have been sharing as much as possible but forgot to do so here! It’s a great shop and resource and just needs more customers . Even regular small purchases help - so please make an effort to support this amazing business! They even deliver!

Thanks for publicising this - I didn’t know it existed even though it’s a short walk away.  Do you know their opening times by any chance?  I’ve had a look on their website and couldn’t find them.  Ta

So glad there’s so much love for Harmless. A little gem!

Most days 11-7

closed mondays

Saturdays 10-5

And today 11-4

Thanks Kit



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