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Haringey Suspends Parking Restrictions for the Duration of the Crisis

If I'm reading today's council briefing right, Haringey is no longer enforcing on-street parking restrictions in order to allow emergency health workers etc to move around more easily. I predict mayhem on the Ladder.

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Hi Zena

I have just had a renewal notice for my residents parking permit which runs outs in early May. Should I ignore this if CPZs are not operating? I'm assuming they won't operate for several months? However I don't want to get into a situation of having to apply as if it's a new permit when CPZs are enforced again. Can you (or anyone) advise me?

mine is expiring next week. i decided that since the council will have the same or even greater expenses during this difficult time that i would pay anyway.

I would agree with that.  We would normally pay, and I can't see a reason to stop paying and taking advantage of the unprecedented situation we find ourselves in

As I understand it, the official reason we have to pay for residents parking permits is to fund the enforcement of the parking restrictions for our benefit - ie. We are able to park on our streets as others are prevented from doing so by people paid to issue tickets.

This service is not being provided at the moment, so it should not be charged for. I am aware of other local authorities (random example Welwyn and Hatfield) who are planning to extend validity of permits to compensate for the unenforced period, and this seems like a sensible approach. I do not agree that this is taking advantage of the situation. We shouldn't willingly dispense with principles. To say this is not the most significant thing going right now is of course an understatement. However, the more we accept right now in terms of crisis measures, the harder it will be to return to normal later.

Parking charges cannot be treated as a general revenue source, as I understand, either.

if the charge is made to pay for enforcement then the main part of that is to fund staff wages and the rest will be to pay for fixed costs.

obviously fixed costs will continue to be incurred.

as far as staff costs are concerned, if not through residents parking charges, how will these people be paid? there are several options - don't pay them, pay them from the council tax, get the government to pay them. 

whichever way you look at it, not paying for your permit means that someone else has to go without or someone else will have to pay for a service that without the crisis you have to pay for anyway. so the way we looked at it for ourselves was that not paying is just taking advantage of the crisis.


My resident's parking permit runs out in early May.  I hope Zena can find out the answer to your question.


I emailed the parking department, not really expecting a reply in these crazy times (and they are not usually an easy department to communicate with), however they did reply within a couple of hours.

They said renewals are advised as suspensions are reviewed on a regular basis. They monitor arrangements daily and might make changes at short notice including returning to normal enforcement.

So I will be renewing my permit as advised. 

Sorry Michael, me again. In Southey Road N15 there is plenty of room during the day but at night there is nowhere within CPZ spaces to park as lots of people have cars which don't have permits which appear after restricted hours. Therefore if I go out and get back late in the evening or early hours even though I have a permit I have to park somewhere either on a Yellow Line or a long way from Southey Road. Now that the CPZ is suspended those same cars can park in the CPZ spaces all day and I'm left with nowhere to park. I'm currently not driving but if I need to then I'm now worried about not being able to park at all on my return!

They’ll post on the website and expect you to know. Someone should pick it up and post it on HOL. But you can’t guarantee that. 

Homes for Haringey is certainly still enforcing.... My estate today 

No Mayhem so far.



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