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Haringey's Top 10 Things to Do: what else would be on your list?

Browsing the Haringey Council website (as you do), I noticed a listing of the Top 10 things to do in Haringey.

While I wouldn't necessarily disagree with the choice (despite a controversial entry for Finsbury Park), what would you add to the list?

I think I would add Railway Fields, Lordship Rec (below), Highgate and Queens Wood and Downhills Park for getting outdoors and, of course, a drink in our splendid Salisbury Pub. 

Although I'll be fascinated to hear what you have to say, Haringey is also interested, here's what they say: 

Do you think we’ve got it right? If not, let us know. Tweet us your recommendations and you might see it end up on the list.

Don’t forget to add #Haringeytop10 when you make you suggestions.

Check out the list here


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Yes, I often spend several happy hours queing at either end of Wightman Road whilst cyclists curse at me for even daring to venture on their road at all.

Here’s the take of a mapmaker on a recently published map of Haringey c

How could I have forgotten the Beam Engine Museum in Markfield Park. I love that place! I would also suggest that the interior and altar piece of St Paul, Harringay is also worth a look. 

Didnt you do a nice photo shoot of the Church, Hugh?

I can dig something out when I get a chance. 

The rubbish at the corner of my street and HGL is certainly a right to behold.

Is the Tottenham Green market worth visiting these days? - I haven't been for a while. The Stroud Green Sunday market is pretty good, especially now it has decent fresh fish.

I thought it meant 'Top things that need done' so I was thinking 'There's so much rubbish around Harringay ALL the time - that definitely needs looked into... Then realised it's local activities...



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