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As Haringey's HDV plans are challenged in the High Court today, Aditya Chakrabotty puts the unprecedented proposals under the spotlight in today's Guardian.

Further reading: City Metric

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I understand the constraints and pressures local authorities face. However, it escapes me what does Haringey Council gain by approving such a project and proceeding in this way, apparently disregarding the housing needs of its constituents.

'Haringey Development Vehicle' and the High Court case are an indictment of Haringey Council. 

They gain friends in high places! They gain expensive boozy meals! They gain the approval of their Blairite high masters in Parliament.

And more prosaically, a significant increase in income since the replacement properties are likely to raise more council tax than the current properties. With the continuing reduction of central government funding, it's an available way of funding the council's statutory responsibilities like social care and so on.  Harold Macmillan's 'family silver' [link to short video clip] comment from 1985 comes to mind.

Fine. Then do it openly and properly. Not with boozy meals and shady backroom deals. It should have been no problem to rehouse the social housing tenants if they were going to increase total housing on the existing plots by 500%. They obviously want them to adhere to some pretty strict behavioural guidelines to be rehoused.

Are you saying that they will only be rehousing 20% of existing social housing tennants? That seems absurdly low/implausible

It's possible that everyone will be rehoused but they'll have to promise to behave or something like that.

First I've heard of HDV, thanks for the link. Fully aware of the plans for Hornsey Town Hall. 

From Aditya's article January: 'A gorgeous art deco town hall is flogged to Hong Kong investors to turn into a boutique hotel and luxury apartments – with just four affordable homes. Locals are furious, and Labour Councillors rebel. The chief whip, Adam Jogee, ticks off colleagues for their “entirely unacceptable behaviour”. Jogee, by the way, works for a lobbying firm that represents two of the three corporates on that development vehicle shortlist. That same lobbyist dined Kober and her heads of finance and housing no fewer than 13 times.' 

Makes me beyond mad, but no where as bad as what's happening to people living in their homes now.

Adam has since seen the light and parted ways with Terrapin. I like elections.

I note that Aditya describes Peter as a 'shy pensioner' last I heard he was a prominent member of Haringey Green Party who has stood for election. I do hope Aditya didn't hide this on purpose... (I'm speaking as a Labour Party member)

Whether a shy pensioner or a prominent Green Party member, at least he is standing up to a railroading policy which takes no notice of what Haringey residents need.

Please make sure your party hears that I like many residents WILL NOT BE VOTING LABOUR because of its record in Haringey (and please also note I am not a left leaning voter or a Momentum winger). I simply dislike how your party has led government in Haringey. Totaly disgraceful!



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