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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Figures released this morning by London Councils show that parking fines across the capital are down by 22% over two years.

This is put down to a mix of the recession and achieved behaviour change impact. (Though the second reason is not evidenced).

Digging a little deeper, I found that Haringey is the second most prolific issuer of parking tickets outside the centre of Town. As you'd expect, the pack is led by central boroughs, Westminster, Camden and Kensington & Chelsea. Two inner London boroughs, Islington & Lambeth, take up fourth and fifth spots. Sixth is Newham, followed by Haringey.

Neighbouring inner London Hackney issued only half as many penalty charge notices as Haringey.

Is our borough being vigilant or are our traffic officers trigger happy?

I've attached the data for others of you to peruse and correct any misinterpretation I may have applied.

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Alan can I say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading your dissection (link above) of the "programmed upgrade" by that organ of the council billed as:

Sustainable Transport
Transport Policy and Projects Group

I note you refer to the campaign for Plain English sometimes awarding for examples of good English, "its highly prized Crystal Mark"

We don't hear enough of the Crystal Mark. Does this suggest it is not sufficiently coveted? Might some stick work in conjunction with carrot? Would it be too negative to have an award to be feared?

Do you think that somebody, even informally, should make an award for the exact opposite by a local or national authority? And if so, what could that award be called?

the Obfus Mark?

the Sh*te Mark?

Chortle, chortle.
I like "Skid Mark". It suggests a dirty residue, disfiguring the background, from a vehicle that has gone out of control! ("Jargo Mark" also occurred).
Clive, you only need to explore the Plain English Campaign website. You'll quickly find:
● The famous Golden Bull Awards.
● The Inside Write Awards for Government documents.
● Plus the excellent Foot-in-Mouth award ─ which recognised George W. Bush's lifetime achievement in this field.
Thanks for the linx Alan. "Foot in Mouth" is indeed no accolade but I think the ancient Romans would be delighted to receive a Golden Bull award. The name of the award needs I think to convey annoyance and even contempt so that organisations actively fear its receipt. The 'roasts', razzies, raspberries and mildly teasing awards can be laughed off as almost a joke. No one would laugh off the award of a Skid Mark!
An Oscar, a Bafta and a Tosser ?
The over-zealousness is promoted, if not by incentive payments, then by targets. The DVLA admitted the targets when I complained a couple of days ago that I had been clamped as an untaxed car. I'd applied successfully for a tax disc on-line, last Thursday evening.

The message I had was that the disc would arrive within five working days.

It did arrive in the post on Tuesday. The car was clamped on Tuesday by clampers working for the DVLA. They had failed to check with the DVLA as to a vehicle's tax status, as they are supposed to.

Following my complaint I was unclamped yesterday morning without charge. Had I not been able to offer this explanation, the unclamp fee would be £100 within 24 hours, otherwise I'd be towed away. If for any reason I had been unable to contact the DVLA within 24 hours, it'd have been £200 with potentially lots of other fees payable.

Cowboy clampers need corralling!
I see the Hornsey Journal have picked this up - another story from you. Do they ever credit you?
Ha! No!

Well Billy, according to this story, our local council doesn't even make it into the top ten for London councils' parking account "surpluses".

London councils head list of parking charge surpluses

Haringey's mere £6,000,000 'surplus' comes below Hounslow.

The failure to make it into the top ten league table may now galvanise Haringey and act as a target to achieve.

The 'top' three London council make nearly £95 million profit.

Nationally, 359 councils make a total of £565,000,000 clear profit. Which is a lot of PCNs.



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