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Our festival is shaping up really well - 40 Local Producers, growers, bakers, breweries, Street Food including the regulars at Tottenham Green Market will be showcasing and celebrating. A date to keep in the diary.  (Announcements soon) 

Mini Craft Beer Festival | Kidz Zone | DJs | Performances

We have stall spaces available for local businesses.. Please get in touch - we really want to hear from you - Great opportunity to promote yourselves and meet lots of others.  Email:  haringeyfest@gmail.com

x marika (If you know any producers pass this on) Thanks



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Hi - I posted a reply to the post seeking musicians and also emailed you and haven't had any response - can you let me know if you still have slots please? Thank you

Hello unless you emailed Katherine who was dealing with that.  can you send a link to your music to us?   haringeyfest@gmail.com

We have programmed a few acts already.

Best wishes

Hi Paulie, apologies for not getting back to you sooner but I didn't get a notification about your reply and was on holiday so haven't checked up on the original post for a while... have you sent a link now to the email contact, if not please do so and we'll try and fit you in... Thanks!

Hi I emailed that email address and have had no reply - I haven't sent a link as I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be sending a link to! Thanks, P

If you have any music online - that we could hear?  If not you are welcome to come and play at Tottenham Green Market one Sunday.  haringeyfest@gmail.com

This event seemed to be very popular on Sunday, I got there mid afternoon and every stall had a respectable queue - maybe a bit too long in some cases; the Soleshare stall had sold out of oysters and the craft brewers in particular were doing a roaring trade. I invested in a splendidly ripe demi-monde :) of Wilde's "Howard" which looks like this three days later:



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