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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

In a show of how little used Haringey's wonderful Civic Centre is, it was brought into service as a set in the newly released season of The Crown on Netflix.

In a move that probably wouldn't sadden many a local, the building stands in for the mid-Sixties offices of The Guardian.

Scenes from The Crown:

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I love this building and maybe if the council can make a few bob hiring it out as a film set they’ll love it and look after it in the future (maybe). It’s a gem of mid-century civic architecture. 

 That’s a very logical theory. Sadly the much loved Hornsey Town Hall was used as a filmset quite frequently. And look what happened to that!

I know. That’s why I put maybe in brackets. Sadly there are few champions of 20C architecture, especially at the council. But still I can live in hope...

If it's of any interest, the old Southgate town hall (down the road) was used as Cowley police station in the TV series Endeavour. Something also went on recently at St.Michaels church (corner of Bounds Green Road), a period drama wedding was being filmed outside.

That's interesting - I don't know Southgate but I have been carefully watching the costumes and sets as Endeavour moves through the 60s!

It seems odd, but Southgate town hall (now Prytaneum Court) is not actually in Southgate, it's in Palmers Green. Cross the North Circular on Green Lanes and it's near the top of the hill on the left (opposite Truro House) on the corner of Broomfield Lane).

Also noticed Harringay Stadium mentioned in one of the episodes (think it was series 2)  when Billy Graham held one of his meetings there.        I was watching that while visiting my older brother in Australia.......lot of interest to us as we were both Harringay boys.    



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