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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Marks & spencer finsbury park new store. Why do they spell it Haringay house ? see image below.

(can someone show me how to rotate image upright please)

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It's likely down to the building owner I think, M&S is just the tenant. It's perhaps what happens when a marketing team has a 'bright idea'.

As well as the long-demolished Har(r)ingay House, there's a panel for 'Paradise Bridge' which was demolished in 1948 and was where the New River exited Clissold Park under Stoke Newington Church Street. From available pictures the name was possibly the only remarkable thing about it.

The geographic spread is rather scatter-gun too, I think - what has Tufnell Park to do with Finsbury Park, beyond it's where the Royal Mail 'Finsbury Park Delivery Office' (which was cheek by jowl with this new development) has ended up to our local annoyance??

The panels show a collection of local heritage spots. It looks to me like someone’s trawled Wikipedia and snatched at the low hanging fruit. The misspelling is either from Haringay (sic) Cars near the corner of St Ann’s Road and Harringay Road, ahem, or just possibly, another lazy effort by the marketing department.

The HoL software has started randomly spinning photos. It’s easy enough to fix by downloading and rotating, but it is frustrating. No in-site fix that I’m aware of. Is used to be there but disappeared about a decade ago. 

Hi Hugh. How did the photo right itself. excuse my ignorance.

It didn't. I did.

ah ok Hugh, thank you for explaining.

Absolutely I miss the local post office calling office that used to function round the corner - I hope that lovely building gets a new sympathetic use 

I wish they hadn’t included Wireless - which has blighted our park causing huge areas to be fenced of for weeks 

Terrible wheelchair access in there. There's always stock being kept in the aisles. The cafe on the corner (Bon Martin) also blocks the wheelchair access with tables and chairs, they won't do anything to address it, despite repeated requests. 



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