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Hi, I'm looking for a good value for money, friendly and relaxed hairdressers for a trim, nothing too fancy. Green Lanes area. 


Any recommendations greatly appreciated!

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You're looking for a ladies' salon, right?
Yes, sorry forgot to mention that!
If you have a look at the group with recommendations for just about every type of trade, there are a couple of links to discussion there for hairdressers. There was a very recent post simillar to your own.

I can recommend Coco - just had my hair cut and blow dried there for £32 (compared to £70 in the City).


The girls were really professional and had some good tips about the best kebabs on Green Lanes!

It not on Green Lanes but close enough. Sylvia's Hair Care, 48 Wightman Road, N4 1RU

A lovely, friendly hairdresser who gives the best hair cut ever!!

Well recommended!!

I can highly recommend Karizma hair and Beauty, 78 Grand Parade, Green Lanes  N4 1Dx 020 8800 9113. I just walk in (7 days a week) and they have always cut my hair brilliantly without any appointment. It is a lively place sometimes (wedding preps etc) but that just makes if interesting to me to watch all the different generations coming in and out. I often get offered delicious turkish coffee there too. Lastly, price is good too - similar ro Coco's. Can we put websites here? karizmahair.co.uk . Also, I like Slyvia's on Wightman too as I went to her for a 'dry' cut once and it was great.



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