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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Stated he had tools and would take away cutting

Tried high price and lower when refused

Stated his team would do the job

Young lad in early teens come with small shears, which was blunt

So told them no deal. Got out phone and tried to take pictures of them and vehicle. Was away with the wind

Door knocker, but in 40's, around 5.6, stocky build ,short cut hair

Young lad around 5 foot. Skinny and wore glasses. Could not reach the top of my hedge 

Another man, driver taller, slim build and grey Hair. Stayed in distance 

Van newish silver with ladders on roof

Culture. Ones who often offer services, they do not carry out 

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well done and thanks for warning but maybe instead of your phone ask for their leaflet/card  for you and neighbour and say you will think about it haha

Since been advised of a Lady that does hedges and Gardens. Who services person I know in another street.

For £25.00 per hour 

But managed to get my strimmer and cut back bulk of over grown Hedge

And next door swept up for me . 

Will keep eye out for van on my drives. 

And give to my home beat Officer

On the odd occasion I get people calling offering to do jobs I just tell them that the house is rented, and I'm not paying for jobs it's down to the property management to do. 

Could anyone recommend someone who would like to mow a small garden lawn every two weeks? I have the mower and strimmer I just don't have the physical ability at the moment and I keep losing sight of the cats the grass is that long!  Please let me know if you know of anyone who might be able to help! Many thanks, heather

Why not let your lawn become a wildflower meadow? It's all the rage, you know!

I use a small company called London Gardeners. The guys are really polite and do an excellent job. I've used them for lawn mowing mainly and I am impressed with the result every time. Would recommend definitely. This is their website: https://www.londongardeners.org.uk/



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