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I haven't seen anyone mention this yet, but on the junction of Langham and Crescent Road is a relatively new (it opened this summer) Georgian cafe/restaurant called "Gurmani". I'd really recommend this place, it's a great addition to the local area and a real alternative to the usual culinary fair on offer.

Having developed a love for Georgian food on a holiday there a few years ago I was over the moon to discover this restaurant only a couple minutes from my home! 

I've been there twice now in the evenings and really enjoyed the menu on offer particularly the Khinkali (delicious juicy filled meat dumplings), Khachapuri (large round cheesey filled Georgian flat bread), the salads (especially the garlic and walnut filled options) and the Georgian wines too!

If you're nor familiar with Georgian cuisine have a read here:




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Thanks. I didn't know about this. Georgian food is indeed excellent. Have you tried Little Georgia (Islington and Broadway Market)?

I've also tried this new place and can confirm it is excellent- highly recommended!

Went there today for a birthday lunch. We were all delighted.  Delicious food, charming & helpful staff; & even a covered terrace so we could eat outside.  Between eight of us we had a big range of dishes, all excellent.  The wine (also Georgian, red & white) was terrific, and the brandy tasted like calvados.  Great value, highly recommended.

Stimulated by this post, I dined in Gurmani with my kinsman, Ritchie.  The place has a both inside and outside tables and I recall that it was previously a good cafe.

The service was good and friendly and the patronne was ready and willing to explain the unfamiliar Georgian dishes.  We tried a couple of the starters including the cheese filled bread known as khachapuli.  As mains we had the lamb stew known as chakapuli and the garlic chicken dish known as shkmeruli.  The chicken dish was so large that Ritchie needed a doggy bag.  As for a drink, I enjoyed a glass of robust red wine known as mukuzani.

Judging by this experience, Georgian food is a worthy addition to Harringay's cultural palette.  A distinct step away from our familiar Turkish/Kurdish choices in the direction of Iranian (rather than Russian) cuisine.  I did once visit Tbilisi on business but don't now retain anything about the food - although I do remember clearly visiting the hot sulphur baths in the Abanotubani district of the city.  Don't miss those if you ever go there.

I visited Tbilisi in the early eighties and the things that stick in my mind are the wonderful fruit in the bazaar, eating fish from the mountain lakes and getting my hair cut at a barber shop with a massive portrait of local boy Stalin hung over the sinks.

Did the barber wield a cut throat razor under the benign gaze of Stalin?

It was one of those with pictures of various 1950s haircuts you could have.  I was torn between a Tony Curtis and an Uncle Joe (which were remarkably similar).  I went for a light trim.

You did not have courage for more?

It failed me when I thought about the reception I’d get at immigration at Heathrow

We made it to Gurmani last night for a special treat and it didn't let down. Really delicious food (although I had huge food envy over what the next table were eating). The puddings looked delicious but I was stuffed. Even the salad was knock out. And there's a good cat. Simple dishes, really flavoursome and welcoming service. Tucked away in a calm pocket behind the station. Just what I needed.

Thanks for recommending this George.  Finally made it there today.  Good food and wine, pleasant service and a nice tucked away location.  We had the mixed meze starter, bean stew, and marinated pork.  Recommended.



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